Lure Coursing

Many people mistakenly think that lure coursing is like greyhound racing. Nothing could be further from the truth. Lure coursing involves no gambling, no “dog track” and with the American Sighthound Field Association, is open to all sighthounds.

Whippets, like all other sighthounds have a drive to chase prey – such as rabbits. Lure coursing was created as a way to recreate the feeling of chasing a rabbit without the real-world dangers of hunting.

Lure coursing involves setting up a long cord or rope that is fed through a series of pulleys. A couple of simple, plastic shopping bags are attached to the rope and the rope is then pulled by an electric motor. As the rope is pulled through the pulleys, the plastic bags go along for the ride, simulating a prey animal running.

Below is a video from the American Kennel Club that explains the sport of lure coursing.

Here in Michigan, we are in Region 6 of the ASFA, which also includes Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky. For more information, please visit the ASFA website by clicking the logo below: