Easy Dog Biscuits

 I never throw any food away now…all left overs are used to make doggie biscuits. 
Easy Dog Biscuits
  • Purée any left overs. Mix in 6-9 cups of flour (depends on the moisture content) 1 egg and 3 tablespoons of oil….some type of fat content …they love when I have bacon fat left over.
  • Mix until into a dough that you can roll out on a flour surface. I cut it into squares the size I want them with a PIZZA cutter. Place on a cookie sheet at 350 degrees. Bake until just a little moisture is left. Time depends on moisture content.
  • Pull out of oven place in a large roasting pan. When you have all your biscuits in the roaster pan continue to bake and flipping the cookies over so they all get the heat. When they look done…turn off the oven and just let the oven cool over night.

Put biscuits away in a sealed container in the morning. Anything that I cook for us humans I purée and use as my flavor for the cookies. When veggie are marked down…especially carrots…I cook them and use that for cookies. I buy chicken thighs and use that by boiling them and purée every thing but the bones.

Meat cookies stay good because you dry the moisture out. Peanut butter I use 2 cups for a batch. I have it down to 2 hours and I have cookies for 2-3 weeks. I know what I put into my cookies so I enjoy making them. Get creative and share what you make your cookies out of.

I do 4 cookie sheets at a time so it goes fast.