About Us


Shojin was established in 1979 when we added to our household a black and tan Gordon Setter by the name of Shojin…which means devotion. Shojin was just that, a devoted loving companion for many years. During her stay with us she became Am.Can.Ch.Samson’s Shojin of Daniel CD,TT. Because our hearts still have “black and tan” parts, we are proud to still co-own several Gordon Setters.

After a small break from showing/hunting our dogs to raise two children, our daughter Hunter decided that she wanted to “show dogs like mom and dad.” Therefore, for her 10th birthday we bought her “Skippy”….our first Whippet.



After living with Skippy it was very easy to added to our collection of Whippets. Then we saw an English Fox Hound and fell in love again with a hound. That is when Slush joined our household. “Gentle Giant” would be another name for this dog.

Coursing led us to add our one and only Ibizan, Lola, to our collection of hounds. She is wonderful and we are excited to have her in our home. She has proven herself in the show ring and coursing by becoming Ch. Serqet Shojin Sunny Afternoon JC, FCH.